How to Smoke a Pipe?

How to Smoke a Pipe?

Smoking pipes are one of the most traditional ways of smoking. It takes years for many smokers to understand how to light a pipe and keep it that way so you don’t have to relight it. Even the most experienced pipe smokers have to relight their pipes, as smoking a pipe evenly without having relight is difficult. 

Therefore here are some tried and tested steps you can try to experience a smooth smoking.

1. The Right Type of Fire for Lightning a Bowl

The type of fire matters when it comes to lighting your bowl of smoking blend. There are three ways you can light your smoking pipe: matches, fluid lighters and butane lighters. 

And just to make it clear, candle lighters and cigarette lighters do not work well for smoking tobacco pipe as they have a larger flame and they burn too hot which can damage the bowl. 

  • Matches

Matches are the most traditional way of lighting a bowl of your fancy smoking pipes. You can just simply strike a match stick, hold it until the sulphur is burnt, and then gently puff through the mouthpiece while you move the matchstick in a lazy circular pattern around the bowl full of your herbal smoking mix/ tobacco smoking substance. 

  • Fluid Lighters

The fluid lighters are reliable in mostly any weather and hold up well.  Although these lighters can harm the rim of your bowl and can also give your smoking blend an unpleasant smell and taste. 

  • Butane Lighters

The butane lighters reduce the risk of harming the flavour of your smoking substance. The butane lighters help you keep the flame right where you need it and also helps you avoid burning your hands. Butane lighters are the most attractive and convenient lighters for your fancy smoking pipes. Although they are a bit of an investment, they are worth buying. 

2. Lightning Your Smoking Pipe

You have to light your smoking pipe correctly to make sure it stays lit as much as possible. Most pipe smokers light their pipe twice.

  • Charring Light

First light is named the charring light. As in this step you have to gently puff through the mouthpiece while moving the fire gently around the smoking blend in a lazy circle. The gentle fire will char the substance on the top. After which you can take the next step for the best smoking pipe experience.

  • Second Light

After you get the char on top, you can gently tamp down your smoking substance in the bowl and repeat the lighting again. 

With experience, you will learn to go through the entire bowl in just these two lightning. 

3. Keep Your Pipe Lit with Tamping

Ash relics form on the top of the smoking substance while you smoke a bowl. The relish needs gentle tamping down. You can use a smoking pipe tamper to tamp down the smoking substance evenly.

4. Smoking Pace

The aim is to take puffs often enough to keep the smoking blend lit. But also take the puffs slow enough to keep it cool or rather, not too hot. Smoking hot can damage the bowl and also result in a dreaded tongue bite. 

To keep yourself notified of the condition of the substance, you can hold the smoking pipe by the bowl. So that you can know when the bowl is too hot, you can slow down. Better relight than to smoke very hot. 

To Wrap Up,

You don’t need to get discouraged if you don’t get the process right away. Smoking a tobacco pipe correctly takes patience, experience and experimentation. It takes time to develop a perfect smoking experience. But once you reach there, all the efforts are worth it. 

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1. How many times are you supposed to light the smoking pipe?

Most smokers light their smoking pipe twice: charring light and the second lightning where you can tamp down your smoking substance in the bowl. 

2. How many ways are there that you can light your smoking pipe?

There are three ways you can light your smoking pipe: matches, fluid lighters and butane lighters. 

3. How to tamp down the smoking substance evenly?

You can use a smoking pipe tamper to tamp down the smoking substance evenly.

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