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Herbal Clove Cigarettes(100% No Nicotine/No Tobacco) 10 Sticks Packet

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• Key Ingredients: Clove, Holy Basil(Tulsi), Cinnamon, Mint(Menthol), Green Tea and Mulethi

• A Tobacco Substitutes | Tobacco Alternatives Cigarette - Tobacco-Free, Nicotine Free

• Clove, Frutta and Mint is the World First pungent herbal formulation blend in Herbal Cigarette, It helps in decreases nicotine craving symptom and helps to quit tobacco smoking.

• Ayurvedic Herbal Cigarette help in Induces a sense of well being and helps concentrate mind due to its herbal contents.

• Natural Juicy Flavor - Neutral, delicate taste provides a perfect smoking experience, Pleasant and durable smell of smoke, No bad breath.

• Let's Beat the Tobacco Habit with ROYAL SWAG ! Non addictive - Contains no addictive substance.

• It is based on research for Nicotine Replacement Therapy(NRT) with a blend of various Ayurvedic medicinal herbs that assits to quit smoking. Healthy Smoke For Everyone.

• ROYAL SWAG Herbal Cigarette is formulated on the basis of the concept of «Charaka Samhita» Charaka Samhita book of Ayurveda, which is 5000 years old a former Indian systems of medicine.

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Care Instructions

● Smoking is not permitted in public places, whether it is tobacco or not.
● We assume you consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self-medicating.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Angelo Sight
Its better than bad,, it's good.

Still didn't taste any difference except personally and didn't really feel any difference for side effects. Not sure why, but maybe I've smoked others that are stronger in flavor and taste. Not bad, not great, just good.

Cigarettes were like smoking hebal tea

Well, I bought these because I have been trying to find a more natural cig. Because what I was smoking became very expensive. The down fall for me is I felt like I was smoking an herbal tea bag. Scent was not bad, but for me I kept choking.

R. Forbes
5.0 out of 5 stars So far working to stop nicotine!

Received these 5 days ago. Had my last Marlboro Silver by midnight. Next morning tried the stimulating one with my coffee. Not bad. The smoke pull was comparable to what I was used too. Helped calm the cravings.It has been 4 full days almost, and I have not had any regular cigs( still some left from a carton) and able to deal with smelling it on my spouse, who is a 2 pack a day smoker.This huge for me so far having been a smoker for 35+ yrs!! I really hope I can make it thru all urges and become smoke free. Tired of it. Plus, I have to have surgery and need no nicotine for a month.These do smell like herbal teas. The only downside is the ash is falling everywhere as they burn like cigs did in the 80's.It's funny to see people who are smoking reg cigs smell these, they do smell like burnt tea, and my cats really were interested with the Sleep Well smelling one. Cat nip? ;)

Rebekah Smith
Best Substitute

This product is the best distraction if you're craving nicotine. Looks like a cigarette, burns like one, and kind of harsh when inhale.

They're good if you're trying to quit smoking

the cigarettes dont really burn/smoke very well. the flavor is okay, not great. if you just need something to smoke this is okay.

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Pre-roll cones are pre-rolled smoking cones that are ready to be filled with your desired smoking material, such as herbs or tobacco. They are a convenient and easy way to enjoy your favourite smoking products without the hassle of rolling your own.

Pre-roll cones have a number of benefits over conventional rolling papers. Due to their pre-rolling, they are quick and simple to use and offer a consistent smoking experience due to their uniform size and shape. Additionally, they have the capacity to hold more smoking materials than standard papers.

Pre-roll cones can be filled with a variety of smoking substances, such as tobacco, herbs, or legal smoking mixtures. Use only items that are safe and permitted in your location.

Absolutely! Pre-roll cones are often a great option for beginners as they eliminate the need for rolling skills. They provide a convenient and easy way to enjoy a smoke without the frustration of rolling papers

Pre-Roll Cones are commonly made from a combination of natural materials, such as rice paper, hemp, or other plant-based fibers.