Collection: Premium Palm Leaf Cones: Natural Wraps for Elevated Cannabis Enjoyment

The pre-rolled- ready to use cones here are made of tendu palm leaves. Each has the capacity of holding up to 1 full gram of material. Crafted with corn husk filters, these herbal pre-rolled cones ensure a smooth draw, milky smoke, and slow burn. The tendu palm leaf cones are 100% natural as It contains no glue and no chemicals, certifying them to be the highest quality natural option in the market. So you can have an amazing herbal smoking experience without any tobacco. 

It can be completely filled with your herbal smoking blend as the cornhusk filter makes sure no flower goes through your herbal bidi, and lets you enjoy the milky smoke coming through. They are the most durable and effective. The pre-rolled organic cones facilitate smooth and even burn to satisfy you with the smoke from the first inhale to the last. 

Having pre-rolled cones can also help you in reducing your smoking time. You can just pick the cone, fill it with your Royal Swag herbal mixture, pack it and enjoy! 

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