Types of Smoking Accessories You Should Know About | Grinders | Pre-rolled Cones | Smoking Pipes

Types of Smoking Accessories You Should Know About | Grinders | Pre-rolled Cones | Smoking Pipes

You must have heard passive smokers saying, ‘if you are smoking, you wanna smoke only good’. As you can clearly identify the difference between the good stash and the cheap ones. It is not only WHAT you smoke that defines a good smoke, but also HOW you smoke it. It is a different experience from smoking when done correctly with the correct accessories. Yes, there are accessories you can use to make your smoking experience perfect! Even when you are trying to go herbal and quit smoking. You can still use smoking instruments to get an excellent smoking experience(herbal ones as well). 

Smoking accessories are not hard to use. They are all really easy to use and are made to give you an easier and better smoking experience. You must have heard about many accessories like rolling papers, crushers, pre rolled cones, etc. And this blog is to enlighten you with more information about those and other such accessories that you would want to know about. 

Smoking Accessories you would Want to Know About

Let’s dive right into the subject. 


To start the process, you first need to grind your stash, be it tobacco, herbs, or other smoking substances. Grinders help you shred your herbs or other smoking substances quickly. You can easily grind them at your preferred fineness without getting your hands dirty. A grinder that comes with a kief catcher is much better as it helps you collect the kief.  

Smoking Pipes

Smoking pipes are one of the most famous traditional accessories that people have been using to smoke for ages. They are made of many materials traditionally. Wooden and stainless steel smoking pipes are the most famous. There is a small tobacco bowl where you can put your smoking substance. And the bowl is connected to a pipe through which you can smoke. The use of the fancy smoking pipes from Royal Swag is really easy. You just put the loose pinch of your stash in the bowl, Press that down gently, light up, and start smoking. 

Rolling Machine

Rolling the tobacco/ herbs by hand is a tricky part. Many fail to do that initially. Of Course, with practice, you can do better. But it is still a hassle. The rolling machine can help you roll the best cigarettes/ herbal cigarettes. You just have to put the filter at one end of the rolling machine and put the tobacco/ herbal smoking blend in the rest of the area. Then simply close the roller and insert the rolling paper and spin the rails for it to wrap the paper around the substance. The rolling machine is very easy to use and you can pro really quickly. 

Pre Rolled Cones

If you want to skip the rolling machine part as well, then there is another option for you, the Pre rolled cones. The papers are pre-rolled, so all there is left to do is for you to fill the cone and twist - close it. Royal Swag also has pre-rolled cones in its herbal cigarettes product line. They are made of natural tendu leaves and corn-husk filters. These herbal pre rolled cones can hold up to 1 full gram of material, giving a smooth draw and slow and even burn. 

Storage Containers

If you are a type of smoker who likes to store their stash, then you must need a good storage container. High-quality products are costly and you don’t want to waste them by putting it in the wrong storage area. They can be simply wasted by drying up, or they can also lose their taste, smell, and potency. Therefore keeping them in a perfect storage container is a must. 

Every passive smoker would love to have a perfect smoking experience, hassle-free. The key to it is to use the correct accessories that can help you create the best joint. So all you have to do is take a puff. You can always use herbal smoking blends in every one of these accessories and use them in the same way you would use them for tobacco, or other smoking substances. 

You can get the best Smoking pipes, organic Pre rolled cones, herbal cigarettes, herbal smoking blends, and many other herbal smoking products on Royal Swag. They are 100% natural and won't harm your health. 



1. Describe the grinder. 

Ans. A grinder is a smoking accessory that is used to grind tobacco or dried herbs into a fine, even texture for use in cigarettes or vaping equipment. Usually, they are made of two sections that fit together tightly and have teeth or pegs that break apart and ground the herb when you twist the two pieces together. 

2. What precisely are pre-rolled cones? 

Ans. Pre-rolled cones are cone-shaped sheets that are used to smoke tobacco or dry herbs. They often have a pre-attached filter tip and are constructed of thin, lightweight paper that is simple to roll. Dry herbs or tobacco can be placed into pre-rolled cones, which can then be smoked using a pipe or bong. 

3. What are pipes for smoking? 

Ans. Pipes for smoking are a specific kind of smoking accessory for tobacco or dry herb smoking. They can be made of materials like glass, metal, or wood and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The components of a smoking pipe normally include a bowl for holding the herb or tobacco, a stem for breathing in the smoke, and a mouthpiece. 

4. Do grinders come in many varieties? 

Ans. Manual grinders, electric grinders, and specialty grinders are among the several types of grinders. Manual grinders typically include two interlocking sections with teeth or pegs that grind and break up the herb and are handled by hand. A motor is used by electric grinders to swiftly and effectively grind the herb.

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