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Reduce Your Anxiety With These Herbal Smoking Blends

The majority of us have personal experience with the advantages cannabis has for the body, mind, and spirit. Cannabis really functions as a bronchodilator, widening the airways and promoting respiratory health, the best herbal smoking blend according to studies. 

However, the widespread use of cigarettes that are chemically coated and carcinogenic has contributed to the perception that smoking is always hazardous for your health.

In reality, people have been inhaling plants for their medicinal properties for a very long time.

It seems to be the reason that if smoking cannabis, one herb, can make us feel so good, other herbs must do the same, right? Right. Below, we examine some of the fantastic medical plants you can smoke, their potential health advantages, and how to use them.

Herbs for lungs 


Mullein, a flavorless light smoke, is recognized as a highly therapeutic herb that is thought to treat lung inflammation and infections. Being an expectorant, it may aid in clearing out respiratory congestion and encourage fruitful coughing. Mullein is an excellent starting point for a herbal smoking blend because it lacks flavor. To achieve the best results, add a little moisture and rub the mullein leaves together if it is too dry.

A white hound

White horehound is about to become your new best buddy if you have asthma like myself and the other 300 million individuals worldwide. White horehound is a rare Mediterranean herbal smoking blend that has a particularly strong anti-inflammatory effect on respiratory irritation. 


Since the time of the Bible, hyssop has been revered as a holy herb for its purifying and cleansing properties.

White hors d'oeuvre is frequently mixed with hyssop. 

Being an expectorant, it is also used to possibly treat emphysema and cleanse the lungs. Additionally, hyssop may calm irritating respiratory mucous membranes.

Hyssop is also used to promote focus and reduce anxiety in addition to lung and respiratory health also known as perfect herbal smoking blend.


People claim that lavender is ideal to incorporate in smoking mixtures and not just because it smells lovely! It can enhance sleep quality and aid in reducing agitation. The smoke won't taste as good as the plant does, but tis herbal smoking blend can still provide a pleasant and calming element to a smoking combination intended to reduce tension.

Dream herb from Mexico, dried

Calea zacatechichi, also known as Mexican dream herb, is a common herb used in traditional Central American civilizations for divination and curing digestive issues. 

Its smoke has a delightful mint flavor and induces a dreamlike state that is incredibly soothing. This one can really assist to take your mind off of the typical worries of the day, albeit it can be a little too stimulating for total relaxation. Mexican dream herb is available here.

Smoking cessation with herbs

Raspberry Leaf in Red

Red raspberry leaf is an excellent tobacco substitute herbal smoking blend, in addition to containing a wide range of therapeutic ingredients. Red raspberry leaf smoking even has the potential to reverse nicotine poisoning. It could also lessen the discomfort associated with menstruation.


Bergamot contains a lot of oregano oil, which has a wide range of therapeutic benefits and is a potent lung antiseptic. The potent lung infection-fighting abilities of this plant readily qualify it as one of the "herbs for your lungs."

Bergamot, which is frequently used to assist smokers in quitting, greatly lessens nicotine cravings either consumed as a herbal smoke or in the form of an essential oil. This unusual herb has actually been found to aid in the treatment of obsessive or addictive diseases. Bergamot is a member of the citrus family, and as a result, it also has energizing and immune-stimulating qualities.

Soothing herbs


This unusual plant has a long and intricate relationship with humanity. Due to its mild hallucinogenic effects, which have mesmerized people for generations, it is frequently utilized in rituals and spiritual practices. In terms of medicine, mugwort is comparable to cannabis in that it offers a variety of advantages as herbal smoking blend.

This unique herb has been used to perhaps treat menstruation irregularities, digestive difficulties, fevers, colds, and nervous problems. Some people find that mugwort calms their  bodies and helps them remember their dreams better. It creates a wonderful foundation for a herbal smoking blend since it is fluffy and light, like mullein. bodies and helps them remember their dreams better. It creates a wonderful foundation for a herbal smoking blend since it is fluffy and light, like mullein.


Skullcap is a herb that offers a wide range of health advantages, but it is perhaps best recognized for easing insomnia and anxiety. 

Our neurological system and this amazing plant are a perfect fit. Skullcap may strengthen the neurological system, lessen anxiety and headaches associated with stress.

Making your own herbal smoking mixture

Herbal smoking mixtures can be thought of as having three elements:

The foundation or carrier herbs

herbs with a particular supporting function

herbs used in cooking

Mullein and red raspberry leaf were two excellent base herbs that we previously mentioned, but cannabis is also a fantastic base/carrier herb for any smoking combination.

Then, you can choose a few herbs from the aforementioned list to address the potential therapeutic benefits you're seeking.

Finally, add some flavor and spice. You can flavor your smoking blend to suit your particular needs. Herbs that you can add for flavor also have amazing therapeutic capabilities. Lavender is excellent for respiratory health, While anise and angelica may ease gastrointestinal problems and heartburn, they are also possibly relaxing and stress-relieving.

Rolling your smoking mixtures in pesticide-free rose petals will give them a lovely touch and create a floral joint flavor.

Of course, the sole intent of this article is instructional. Before attempting any herbal smoking mixtures, consult your doctor.

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