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A Smoking Pipe Is A Great Gift Idea For The Holidays

For pipe smokers, the Holiday season is a strange time of year because we are aware of how unlikely it is that our loved ones will discover the perfect present for us. To make an informed decision, you must be well-versed in this esoteric subject. 

But it's the same with any pastime or specialized interest. How could someone without relevant experience pick out the best sharpening stone for a knife collector or a coin album for a coin collector, for instance? 

Consider giving a jewelry artisan a heavy-duty vise from Home Depot. The recipients of appropriate presents must provide certain cues.

We have some excellent ideas for you to think about. To make things even simpler for the significant someone in your life, there are a variety of gift-wrapping alternatives available.

Peterson’s Christmas pipe:

With a smoking pipe from Peterson, the world's oldest continuously operating pipe workshop, what better way to honor the customs of the Christmas season? The 2021 edition of the inaugural Christmas series featuring Peterson's well-known and recognizable Sherlock Holmes designs features a cosy, merry copper band and is offered in Heritage treatments with rusticated, sandblasted, and polished surfaces. 

A unique, black leather fancy smoking pipe stand customized for the series and bearing the recognizable Peterson Sherlock Holmes insignia is included with the pipes. This year, Peterson has opted for acrylic as his mouthpiece in place of the vulcanite mouthpiece that has previously accompanied Christmas pipes.

Saint Nicholas Pipes from Savinelli

Since its 2013 launch, the Saint Nicholas line has featured a festive colour scheme. The 2021 version features one of Savinelli's premium acrylics, this one in a variegated fir green that the brand specifically found for this festive, seasonal offering. Savinelli's St. Nicholas 2021 is available in ten traditional Italian shapes and has a rusticated black finish with a snow-white acrylic accent bordered by brass rings.

Pipes, James Norman

The popular classic bowl forms of James Norman smoking pipes are beautifully hand-carved in Italy. You may choose from straight or curved stems, as well as smooth or sandblasted finishes.

Every distinctive shape in the James Norman range is light in the hand, comfortable in the mouth, and made with the same exquisite craftsmanship as pipes costing twice as much. They are renowned for their beauty of the grain and great smoking attributes.

Christmas Pipe by Mark Tinsky 

Mark Tinsky is the only artisan pipe manufacturer with a longer history of creating Christmas fancy smoking pipes. For this limited-production release honouring the season with his signature shaping and fascinating accent materials, he has spent 38 years creating a brand-new, unique shape. The Christmas smoking pipe from Mark Tinsky this year is a sturdy bent Pot with a curved stem and shank. 

Mark offers a variety of finishes, including his own lustrous Natural, Root, Bengal, Sunrise, and Pristine, as well as his rusticated Coral and Black and Tan, and of course, his signature sandblasts. Accent materials such as morta or exotic woods boost each colour pallet.

Starter Kits for Pipes for Smoking

Starter Kits offer a conventionally shaped briar, a pipe tamper/nail, a packet of BJ Long pipe cleaners, and a tobacco pouch – all the necessities (apart from some tobacco) for starting one's pipe-smoking journey. 

They are an affordable smoking pipe set that includes these important items. There are many options available, and your loved ones will feel secure knowing they have given them a present that is both fun and useful.

It's also a great present for any friends who have indicated interest in pipe smoking, giving them the essentials to begin their exploration.

Tsuge Drew Estate Pipe Collection

The highly regarded premium cigar pipe  brand Drew Estate has partnered with Tsuge's master pipe makers to produce this artisanal line of one-of-a-kind smoking pipes.

Since 1936, Tsuge, a brand created in Japan, has produced opulent smoking pipes with unmatched style, exquisite design, and remarkable smoking performance. Tsuge Pipes separate out from the competition thanks to their distinctive forms and superb craftsmanship!

Why not browse our variety of pipe cleaners and pipe tools while you're here? They're essential accessories for every pipe smoker and are considerate and wonderful add-on gifts.

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