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Long Ayurvedic Herbal Filtered Bidi (Pack of 20 - 20 Bidi/Pack)

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• A Tobacco Substitutes | Tobacco Alternatives - Tobacco-Free, Nicotine Free Herbal Long Filter Bidi Sticks

• Herbal formulation blend in Herbal Bidi (Herbal Dhoompan), It helps in decreases nicotine craving symptom and helps to quit tobacco smoking.

• Royal Swag’s Shot will help you to stop your craving of nicotine Use, Take Shot’s 2 to 3 Spray in mouth and then Light up your cigarette after when you feel craving of nicotine.

• Natural flavor - Neutral, delicate taste provides a perfect smoking experience, Pleasant and durable smell of smoke, No bad breath.

• Non addictive - Contains no addictive substance.

• Let's Beat the Tobacco Habit with ROYAL SWAG !

• It is based on research for Nicotine Replacement Therapy(NRT) with a blend of various Ayurvedic medicinal herbs that assits to quit smoking. Healthy Smoke For Everyone.

• ROYAL SWAG Herbal Cigarette and Herbal Bidi is formulated on the basis of the concept of «Charaka Samhita» Charaka Samhita book of Ayurveda, which is 5000 years old a former Indian systems of medicine.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Great Bidi but very Smokey

nitin shelke
Nice feeling taste

I like this product

Gulkand Flavour is must try!

Tried it for the first time and it was indeed a money worth experience, this herbal nicotine free ciggerate is safe and value for money for people who want to try it occasionally.

Pallavi Chaubey

I really liked this herbal bidi. is so good. Quality is also very nice. Value for money.

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The Royal Swag ayurvedic Bidi is made from plants and herbs and these herbal Bidi are not at all harmful to the body.

The benefits of herbal Bidi are as follows:
● They are non-toxic and nicotine free
● They don’t have any side effects.
● They satisfy the cravings of nicotine and tobacco.
●They include herbs and plants that are good for cough and cold.

Some of the ingredients included in the Ayurveda herbal Bidi are Tulsi, mulethi, cloves, green tea, fruit flavours, etc.

The ayurvedic Bidi benefits include relief from smoking addiction and it also helps in curing cough and cold due to the herbal ingredients like tulsi, mulethi, and cloves included in it.

There are no health hazards or side effects of Ayurvedic Bidi.

The Royal Stag Ayurvedic Bidi is 100% tobacco and nicotine free with non-toxic ingredients.

Yes, the herbal ayurvedic Bidi helps detoxify the body with natural ingredients.

There is no prescribed time for herbal Bidi; you can consume them anytime.