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Herbal Bidis are small, hand-rolled cigars composed of nicotine free tobacco wrapped firmly in a dried tendu leaf, and they are typically imported from India and Southeast Asia. They come in various other organic flavors like mint, turmeric, cloves, mango, chocolate, and cherry.

The nicotine-free herbal filtered Bidi is a welcoming alternative to traditional tobacco products. Royal Swag offers you the best collection of nicotine free cigarette brands as an Indian liquor made from a blend of herbs and extracts used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. The smoke from this ayurvedic Bidi is soft and pleasant.

About our product:

  • Crafted using only organic ingredients like natural herbs, spices, and extracts
  • Contains nicotine free tobacco in this product.
  • These herbal bidis last a long time and emit a pleasant aroma; unlike tobacco bidis, 
  • Fresh breath.
  • Indian ayurvedic herbs are used in the preparation of these Bidis.

These are herbal cigarettes that are a blend of natural Indian Ayurvedic herbs and extracts. Also known as beedies, the Bidi makers use Tendu Leaves to wrap the blend. Each Bidi roll is composed of organic tendu leaf, Arjun, anise, licorice, Natural Ayurvedic, and Vanilla flavor, plus a blend of secret spices. Looking at it from this perspective, it’s an all-natural Bidi with no chemicals. You won’t be burning any paper as you smoke, just leaves and herbs that aim to promote overall wellness.

Royal Swag understands the requirement of smoker, and so to satisfy them in every way, we offer the best herbal cigarettes. These organic cigarettes are the best choice for those who want to kick off their habit of smoking. Here, we offer a natural and organic way to treat yourself without being harsh on oneself. 

How does Royal Swag Herbal Bidis compare to natural Bidis?

The Herbal Cigarette seems to appreciate the blend of flavors in unique different forms. Most love the vanilla-flavored variety, with its smell and taste that are subtle yet distinct. You may not get to taste it at first, but you’d definitely smell it after a while. The longer you smoke it, the more you get the taste of the flavoring.

This herbal filter bidi will help you control your habit of puffing regular tobacco. The throat sensation is almost the same, minus the nicotine buzz and tobacco flavor. It can help you ease out from smoking until your body gets used to the absence of nicotine in the smoke.

One problem is that they don’t seem to burn as evenly as you would expect. This uneven burn is probably due to the way they roll the Royal Swag Herbal Bidi or how the Tendu leaves were dried.

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