Collection: Herbal Ayurvedic Nasal Snuff | 100% Tobacco Nicotine FREE

The herbal nasal snuff is the alternative nasal snuff that uses tobacco in its making. It is also popularly known as herbal dry nasal snuff. It contains no tobacco, no nicotine, and none of the other addictive substances at all. This tobacco free nasal snuff is also sugar freehand gluten free. It is also smokeless, which is one of the reasons why it is proven to be highly effective as an alternative for cigarettes. 

The herbal ayurvedic nasal snuff is made with pure, powerful natural herbs and is made for all-natural blowing and sniffing pleasures. It's fine ground provides a minty-refreshing flavour. The tobacco free mint snuff generates focus & oral stimulation. It also helps in generating energy in you, as it provides relief without the risk of addiction. 

The nicotine free nasal snuff here is used by inhaling or sniffing it into the nasal cavity. It causes no harm to your health thus proving itself as a powerful alternative to tobacco-dry-nasal snuffs and cigarettes. 

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