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Natural Pre Rolled Cones GMO-Free and Gluten-Free (Pary Pack) Box of 56 Pieces

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  • Package Content: 56 Count Total Classic King Size Cones Positioned order to reduce damage comes in an individual party pack, Includes Fiber Doob Tube Reusable easy to carry your roll safe.
  • Make Your Own Roll: Are you tired of rolling? Can't roll your own? Not an issue. These are pre-rolled cones with included tips! Simply fill, pack, and enjoy! Enjoy your pre-rolled smoking mixture each and every time. The cone shape facilitates a smooth, even burn, letting you enjoy your smoke from the first inhales to the last.
  • Size: King Size Pre-Rolled - Each cone measures 110mm or about 4.3 inches. 
  • Natural Product: Natural Made from classic fibers that are 100% GMO-free, 100% gluten-free
  • Slow-burning rate: Enjoy your pre-rolled smoking mixture each and every time. The cone shape facilitates a smooth, even burn, letting you enjoy your smoke from the first inhale to the last.
  • For the Best Quality Smoking herbal mixture used Royal Swag Herbal Mixture 100% Herbal and Made In India

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Customer Reviews

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Zach bird
Perfect for your smoking adventures

These cones are so much more efficient than rolling by hand, I'm a huge fan of these.

Great cones

Love them


Loved these! Burned smooth and slow. Will definitely buy again

Love these!

Cones are better!

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"Leaf Rolls Cones" are pre-rolled cones manufactured from untreated, natural leaves, usually taken from food plants like palms and cornhusks. These cones are made to be a practical and environmentally responsible substitute for rolling papers for smoking tobacco or plants.

Compared to conventional rolling papers, Leaf Rolls Cones have a few benefits. Firstly, they are made from natural leaves, providing a unique smoking experience and often adding subtle flavors to the smoke. Second, Leaf Rolls Cones are pre-rolled, which makes them simpler and more practical to use, particularly for people who might find it difficult to roll their own cigarettes or joints.

Yes, Leaf Rolls Cones are adaptable and can be used to smoke both tobacco and herbs. They provide a smooth and even burn, allowing for a consistent smoking experience with your preferred smoking material.

The Leaf Rolls Cones are normally produced from natural leaves and do not contain any chemicals or additives.

Using Leaf Rolls Cones is simple. Simply grind your tobacco or herbs, fill the cone to the proper level, then twist the end to seal the contents. Leaf Rolls Cones often come with a built-in filter or crutch to enhance the smoking experience and prevent loose materials from entering your mouth.

The use of Leaf Rolls Cones with various smoking substances, including tobacco, herbs, and other acceptable smoking mixtures, is possible. Use only items that are secure and permitted in your region.