What are the stages of quitting smoking?

What are the stages of quitting smoking?

What would you say if we asked you to complete the above sentence's blank? Simple, challenging, conceivable, inconceivable, essential, superfluous, or something else? Depending on your response, you will either be a smoker or a nonsmoker and if you are a smoker, you will learn where you fall within each of the quadrants below the quitting stage.


1. Pre-contemplation

A smoker is not thinking about giving up at this point. If you exhibit any of the following behaviors, you are in this stage:

  • become a smoker's addict
  • snicker at advice to stop smoking
  • Justify or defend your smoking behavior
  • Opt for herbal cigarettes or tobaccoless cigarettes 

Make the case that smoking has advantages and that these advantages outweigh the hazards.

attempted to stop smoking, but lacked motivation

2. Contemplation

A smoker is contemplating quitting but isn't quite ready to do so at this point. If you are at this point, you will probably take the following actions:

  • Be open to warnings about smoking
  • Buy clove cigarettes and ayurvedic cigarettes which will help you calm your nicotine urge.   
  • Be persuaded of the dangers of smoking and look for ways to stop
  • Determine the obstacles that are preventing you from giving up smoking.
  • If you intend to leave soon, think about it (3-6 months)

3. Preparation

A smoker is getting ready to stop during this phase. If you fall within this category, you would have the following:

  • identified the triggers and cues for smoking (morning tea, afternoon meal, stressful meeting)
  • Decide when you'll stop smoking.
  • decreased their cigarette consumption.
  • Make use of herbal cigarettes, and replace tobacco with tobacco cigarettes.
  • consulted your doctor about a medical condition
  • used the support of friends and family to get through the withdrawals from smoking
  • started using anti-smoking medication
  • started rewarding yourself for maintaining motivation
  • strengthened your resolve in case of a slip

4. Maintenance

At this point, the person has stopped smoking and is continuing to abstain from doing so. If you fall within this category, you are:

  • Smoking herbal cigarettes with maintain or abstain and you can easily quit smoking. 
  • implementing powerful coping mechanisms to prevent a relapse
  • encouraging smokers to stop
  • Keep rewarding yourself for quitting smoking.

How Can Precontemplation Become Contemplation?

Naturally, it serves no purpose to pressure or force you to stop smoking. Giving up smoking is a positive self-thought. However, we advise you to try out the positive behaviors listed below to see the difference for yourself.

Comprehension of the smoking habit loop

You run the risk of becoming addicted to smoking and dependent on the nicotine high if you continue in this cycle. We are not suddenly asking you to stop smoking. Smoke sensibly like some Herbal Cigarettes, organic cigarette tobacco, tobaccoless cigarettes, and Ayurvedic Cigarettes which will help you restrain yourself from smoking tobacco and nicotine.

a) Learn to enjoy the thought of quitting smoking: As you breathe in the smoke, you'll start to feel a burning sensation. Both the cigarette's flavor and the smoke's smell will be unpleasant. Smoking will eventually stop being enjoyable, and people will tend to smoke less frequently. You'll think about giving up smoking.

b) Keep smoking: You'll keep defending your habit by claiming, for example, that smoking prevents you from concentrating at work. We strongly advise you to look into this idea in a situation like that. Look farther.

Ask yourself if you have ever had a single instance where you were productive without a cigarette. You would be aware of at least one occurrence like this. Think about that memory.

Make an effort to consider more situations like this. The more you reflect on these recollections, the easier it will be for you to switch from unhealthy self-talk to constructive self-affirmations.

Last word 

Perhaps one of your best life decisions was to stop smoking. Make it possible by developing a sound plan. The Smotect Quit Smoking Program is a tried-and-true strategy for quitting smoking.

You can rewire your brain and end your nicotine addiction permanently if you use this technique with each yearning for cigarettes.

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