Herbal Cigar’s: A modern formulation of Traditional Science.

Herbal Cigar’s: A modern formulation of Traditional Science.

Natural cigarettes

Herbal cigarettes what are these? 

~ Are they nicotine free, tobacco-free

~ Are these less harmful? 

~ Consuming this will help us quit smoking.

All these questions came to your mind as you heard Herbal Cigarettes

The Answer to all these questions is below in a narrative act.

The act is about two best friends who stay in a hostel for their higher studies. One of the friends named Raj gets badly addicted to smoking and it was affecting his physical and mental health. Rohan couldn’t see his friend in such a condition so he decide to help Raj quit smoking.

One sunny day, Rohan came from his routine classes to his and saw Raj lying in bed unwell. Scared Rohan asked Raj what happened but he was not a condition to answer. Rohan seek his other friend's help and rushed towards the hospital. Doctors conducted a few tests. They told Raj he needs to quit smoking for a better future. 

Worried Rohan started searching for different ways to quit smoking on the internet. They tried many ways but there was no progress. Now the only option left was the rehab centre. Later, one of their colleagues told him about Herbal Cigarettes. Rohan did deep research and with the failed heart he tried this last option too Surprisingly this helped Raj to concentrate and also there were changes in Raj’s health.

With the help of herbal cigarettes today Raj is overcoming smoking without going to any rehab centres.

Yes, Herbal Cigarettes can help someone quit smoking without any strict actions or rehabilitation centres.  

What are Herbal Cigarettes?

Herbal Cigarettes are those which does not contain Tabaco and nicotine, instead of this it contains mixtures of different herbs or plant materials. Herbal Cigarettes differ from country to country. Countries like China have different tobaccoless cigarettes from European and North America. In these countries, herbal cigarettes do not contain tobacco and nicotine.

nicotine free cigarette are those which are often used in acting scenes for actors who are non-smokers or where anti-smoking legislation spaces are there. 

Our herbal Cigarettes are a blend of tulsi, green tea, cloves, mulethi and other herbs.

In many progressive countries, a large number of the population relies on traditional practices and the use of some medicinal plants to meet health care needs. Although modern medicines exist herbal medicines are still as their popularity for historical and cultural reasons. 

Royal Swag herbal cigarettes are formulated based on the concept of “Charaka Samhita”. It is a book of Ayurveda which is 5000 years old a former system of medicine. Our cigarettes are made of all organic plants and herbs which are not harmful to the human body.

Speaking of its benefits, 

  • These are non-toxic and nicotine free. These cigars do not have any side effects so they won’t harm any of your organs. 
  • They stratify the urge of consuming nicotine and tobacco. 
  • This is the best option to quit smoking.
  • They include herbs and organic plants that are good for cough and cold.  

Royal Swag has a variety of pre-rolled, leaf rolls cones cigars which are tobacco, nicotine free and 100% ayurvedic which satisfy the urge for nicotine and help you quit smoking. 

No, wait for rolling then smoking, with our pre-rolled leaf cones! Simply light it and enjoy it. Our packaging contains Tendu Palm 100 mm long king size positioned order to reduce damage comes in air-tight plastic jars. 

Our herbal cigars facilitate a smooth, even burn, letting you enjoy your smoke from the first inhales to the last. They are 100% natural, along with all our leaves and reduce harshness. There are different layered filters which are most durable and effective in all gram palm leaves. Each blunt wrap contains no glue, and is chemical free with the highest quality option in the market!

Try our featured collection of 100% ayurvedic cigarettes which has all types of organic herbs which are tobacco and nicotine free

We have a herbal cigarette combo pack of clove, mint and frutta flavours. Each pack's net quantity is 50 sticks.

Are there any health benefits? Yes, Ayurvedic cigarettes have various benefits these help you to relieve smoking addiction, and it also helps cure cough and cold due to the herbal ingredients like tulsi, mulethi, and cloves. 

You can consume these cigars anytime there is no prescribed time for it. Before making these cigars we had gone to complete research it is based on research for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) which gives you a perfect blend of various Ayurvedic medicinal herbs that assists you to quit smoking. 

There are some more popular types of alternative cigarettes which include herbal bidis. Plus, these cigarettes are very convenient and cheap to find. 

These are available online too. 

Smoking herbal cigars don’t make your body gunked up as smoking nicotine and tobacco. This makes you smell like a garden, the smell of flowers, herbs which makes your day bloomy and gives you energy and positive vibes. 

Let’s start consuming these herbal cigarettes and purify our surroundings, and lead a healthy and long life!!

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