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Smoking Mint : beneficial or harmful?

Mint was one of the coolest flavors considered in smoking. The burning sensation of the mint with the cool menthol flavor made it the most popular. Be it in food, cigarettes, herbal blends, or toothpaste, Mint has marked its status to be the coolest. Many non smokers started smoking mint flavor ayurvedic cigarettes to join the cult with a cool-err entry. 

And many passive smokers also quit smoking with the herbal mint cigarettes to exit the cult with the coolest exit. But, in that case, let us find out if smoking mint leaves is any good?

Benefits of Smoking Mint

The blend that includes mint leaves, helps relax your nerves. Royal Swag mint flavor ayurvedic cigarette smoking blend includes no tobacco, no nicotine neither it contains any other addictive substances, thus is less harmful to your body. You can smoke these herbal cigarettes, or the tobacco free mint snuff to quit your habit of tobacco smoking. 


mint cigarette

How can Smoking Mint Help You Quit Smoking?

Tobacco and nicotine leads you to the habit of smoking passively. And since the Royal Swag herbal mint cigarettes contain none of them, they are perfect to help you quit. The Royal Swag mint cigarettes are a blend of various ayurvedic herbs based on Nicotine Replacement therapy, so they are safer and can step you up to quit. 

What are herbal Cigarette blends made of?

Royal Swag herbal smoking mix is the right blend of ayurvedic substances that replaces your regular cigarettes and assists you to quit as well. They consists ingredients like;

  • Clove,
  • Green tea,
  • Cinnamon,
  • Tulsi,
  • Mint(Menthol),
  • Mulethi, etc. 

Do Mint Flavored Cigarettes taste any good?

Royal Swag Mint Flavored ayurvedic cigarettes have a delicate taste with a neutral juicy flavor which offers a perfect smoking experience. These mint cigarettes have the right menthol freshness and refreshing taste of the mint flavor. They also have the durable and pleasant smell of the smoke which leaves you with no bad breath experience. 

Disadvantages of Smoking Mint

To be really honest, smoking any type of blend is injurious to health, be it tobacco or mint/ herbal smoking blends. The herbal cigarettes contain no harmful substances, they can help you quit tobacco and nicotine, but as a proven fact, smoking any substance is harmful for your health. 

So, is it Safe to Smoke Mint?

Well, like mentioned above, smoking any type of substance is harmful to your health. However, the royal swag herbal mint cigarettes/herbal smoking mixes contain no harmful substances such as nicotine and tobacco. So, if your goal is to quit tobacco smoking, then herbal mint cigarettes can work for you.

To Roll It Up, 

Royal Swag herbal cigarettes are based on the formulations mentioned in the ‘Charaka Samhita’ - 5000 year old book on the former Indian system of Medicine. The ‘Charaka Samhita’ is trusted by the whole world which proves the fact that Royal Swag mint herbal cigarettes are safer than the regular ones. 

You are trying to quit cigarettes, then Royal Swag Herbal cigarettes must be the choice!

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