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Seduce Premium - King Size 24 mm Pre rolled Cigarette Tubes with Black Gold Ring

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• Each box contains 200 tubes perfectly crafted for your ideal herbal smoking experience.

• Designed in universal Black colored paper and gold colored filter bud. Create your own ayurvedic blend and mix and fill in our pre rolled ayurvedic cigarettes tube

• Our pre-rolled cigarette tube comes with a 24mm filter length for a perfect herbal smoke soothing drag

• 8mm tube diameter ideal for your roll

• Tube Length: King Size - 84mm

• Box with 200 tubes of cigarettes, filter and paper tube 24 mm Black, standard tube length 84 mm. 24 mm filter for better filtration and tobacco savings.

• You want to look classy? The colour of the filter and the paper are Black and the top of the filter has a wide gold ring for added elegance.

• Seduce Premium - King Size Full 24 mm Filter Cigarette Tubes Black Gold Ring (15 % Longer Tube Than Others Brands)- 200 Tubes Per Box

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● Items are only exchanged if they are faulty, damaged, or the incorrect item was shipped within the specified time frame of seven days.
● For other inevitable reasons, there will be no refunds.
● After 7 days, we are unable to honour exchange requests.

Care Instructions

● Smoking is not permitted in public places, whether it is tobacco or not.
● We assume you consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self-medicating.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
,Johannes R. Huver
Stunning look, well made

They are beautiful

Nice Tube

I Like Black Tubes


Good product

,donna cormier
Good quality.

Very happy with this product

Great tubes

I was a little nervous, last time I got colored tubes, made my cigarettes taste weird, these are nice, slow burning, smooth, definitely on my buy again list

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Cigarette tubes are pre-rolled cylindrical tubes made of paper or a combination of paper and filter material. They are designed to be filled with Legal Smoking blend and Mixture using a cigarette rolling machine or by hand, allowing smokers to create their own cigarettes.

Cigarette tubes have one open end where Smoking Blend is inserted. Using a cigarette rolling machine or by hand, the Blend is packed into the tube. The other end typically contains a filter that helps to reduce the amount of smoke and provides a smoother smoking experience.

Using cigarette tubes offers several benefits. It allows smokers to customize their cigarettes by choosing their preferred tobacco blend and packing density. Cigarette tubes can be a cost-effective option compared to pre-packaged cigarettes. Additionally, some individuals may prefer the control and satisfaction of rolling their own cigarettes.

Yes, cigarette tubes are designed to be used with cigarette rolling machines. These machines help in evenly distributing the tobacco and ensure a consistent roll. However, cigarette tubes can also be filled by hand without the need for a rolling machine.

There are various types of cigarette tubes available, including regular-sized tubes and king-sized tubes. They may also come in different styles, such as filtered tubes, menthol tubes, or flavored tubes. This allows smokers to find the tubes that best suit their preferences.