Why Is The Chai-Cigarette Combo Bad For Your Heart?

Why Is The Chai-Cigarette Combo Bad For Your Heart?

Many countries have a custom known as the "chai-cigarette combo," in which smokers simultaneously enjoy a cup of chai tea and a cigarette. Despite the fact that this might seem harmless, research reveals that this combination can have serious negative impacts on the health of your heart. Switching to herbal cigarettes is the best option. 

It is well recognised that smoking raises the risk of heart disease and stroke, two of the top causes of mortality in the world. The addictive substance in cigarettes, nicotine, narrows blood vessels and raises heart rate, which causes high blood pressure and cardiac strain. Contrarily, the antioxidant components of chai tea, a concoction of black tea, milk, and spices, are believed to provide heart-healthy advantages.

Why Is Combining Chai and Cigars Bad For Your Heart?

A stimulant, chai. Your awareness is improved, and your body is given energy. Contrarily, smoking makes you feel good; it makes you feel euphoric. 

Nicotine is a potentially addictive substance found in cigarettes. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that causes pleasure, is produced naturally but is taken over by nicotine. Dopamine is released as a result, making you feel wonderful.

The dopamine boost, meanwhile, wears off quickly and makes you want to smoke again. You want to smoke because of this every several hours.

You develop an association between the situation or emotion with smoking whenever you are in a normal situation (like having your daily chai) or are feeling stressed out. Try using organic cigarettes.

The following time you practise any of these trigger a craving for cigarettes in you. This habitual behaviour turns into an addiction as a result of repetition. The word "chai" serves as your cue to light up. 

Smoking raises the chance of blood clots, which can block blood arteries and result in a heart attack or stroke by obstructing the blood supply. Blood clots can be prevented by the antioxidants in chai tea, however smoking's negative consequences can override this advantage but with tobacco less cigarettes it's completely safe.  

Increased Inflammation: Smoking increases blood vessel inflammation, which can harm the lining and raise the chance of plaque development. Although the anti-inflammatory components of the spices in chai tea, such as ginger and cinnamon, may help reduce inflammation, smoking's negative consequences may negate this advantage.

Damage to the Heart Muscle: Smoking can harm the heart muscle over time, making it less effective at pumping blood. It has been demonstrated that chai tea has heart-healthy benefits, but when combined with smoking, the heart may suffer permanent harm.

How Might Royal Swag Prevent A Heart Attack?

Your chai serves as your cue to light up. It's crucial to separate yourself from this cue and break the habit if you want to stop smoking. This habit can be unlearned by your brain. Neuroplasticity is the name given to this process. 

This habit can be broken in two different ways: physiologically and mentally. You can overcome biological cravings with the aid of our herbal cigarettes. You can conquer psychological addictions with the aid of our ayurvedic products.

Using Herbal cigarettes helps quit smoking.

The patented, exclusive scientific compositions of 12 medicinal herbs that make up organic cigarettes. They are designed to control withdrawal symptoms, lessen cravings, and lessen nicotine dependence. 

Nicotine less cigarettes imitate the effects of cigarette nicotine. These pills encourage the body to naturally create dopamine, much as nicotine encourages the production of the feel-good hormone. As a result, nicotine dependence declines. 

This naturally occurring dopamine release also contributes to the maintenance of the improved mood, increased energy, and stamina, which significantly lessens dependence on cigarettes. So your desire to smoke while drinking chai decreases after you start taking these herbal smokes. You eventually stop associating tea with smoking cigarettes. 

The greatest strategy to lower your risk of heart disease and other health issues is to quit smoking. There are several resources available to aid you if you're having trouble quitting, such as medicine, support groups, and nicotine replacement therapy. The advantages of quitting smoking begin the moment you put out your final cigarette, so there is never a bad time to do it.

Royal swag provides a comprehensive approach that takes into account both the biological and psychological effects of smoking. It improves your chances of quitting smoking by a factor of ten more than any other strategy.

You finally achieve a smoke-free lifestyle as a result of this progressive approach. Therefore, the next time you enjoy a chai, do so without smoking. 

In conclusion, smoking cigarettes and drinking chai is hazardous for your heart. While chai tea has heart-healthy properties, smoking cigarettes can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. However, when combined, the negative consequences of smoking can outweigh the chai tea's health advantages. The greatest strategy to lower your risk of heart disease and other health issues is to quit smoking.


1. What are herbal smokes?

Herbal smokes are a special combination of 12 medicinal herbs that have been scientifically confirmed to work. By lessening your reliance on nicotine, it gets your body and mind ready to stop smoking. It lessens the effects of years of smoking on important organs like the lungs, heart, brain, and skin.

2. Are they safe?

Royal swag products have no negative effects and are perfectly safe to use.

For women who are pregnant or nursing, they are not advised.

Before consuming, you can speak with your doctor.

3. Will I get healthy by these smokes?

No, royal swag products are entirely hormone-free and natural.

In reality, these smokes contain a few herbs, which aid in successful weight management.

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