How to quit smoking naturally?

How to quit smoking naturally?


The proverb goes, "One foot in front of the other is worth a thousand words." Stop smoking and you'll be one step closer to kicking your habit of smoking.

Have you heard about herbal cigarettes? It’s an old saying that “Loha Lohe ko kat ta Hai (Only an iron can cut the Iron)” fits well with organic cigarettes.

The craving for tobacco is usually very strong in smokers. You can, however, control your impulses and choose to act otherwise. You just need patience and a few medications, and you will be fine like before.

Even if you're experiencing a strong desire to smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco, remember that this urge typically fades within 5 to 10 minutes after you give in to your craving. As time passes without giving in to a tobacco craving, you get closer to breaking the habit for good.

If you find yourself tempted to smoke or use tobacco products, try these 10 methods.

10 Effective Techniques for Giving Up Tobacco

 1. Consider using nicotine replacement therapy

Find out what options there are for nicotine replacement from your doctor. Among the possibilities are:

a.) The use of over-the-counter nicotine replacement products like non nicotine cigarettes or organic cigarettes, patches, gum, and lozenges is a proven method of helping people quit smoking.

b.) Non-nicotine prescription medications have been shown to be as effective as nicotine replacement therapies in helping smokers kick the habit. 

c.) Quick-acting nicotine replacement therapies such as herbal cigarettes, nasal or anti addiction shots spray, and inhalers can help you kick the habit. 

d.) Combining these immediate relief treatments with nicotine patches or another smoking cessation medication that doesn't contain nicotine is usually safe.

E-cigarettes, and organic cigarettes, have become increasingly popular in recent years as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. In contrast to nicotine replacement therapies, however, electronic cigarettes have not been demonstrated to lower health risks or help smokers quit.

 2. Preventing Triggers

If you're under a lot of pressure or have recently consumed caffeine, going back to the places where you normally smoke or chew tobacco may bring on the strongest cravings. Learn to recognize the triggers that send you reeling toward a cigarette and create a plan to deal with them.

Avoid creating conditions that could lead to a resumption of smoking. If, for example, you frequently light up when on the phone, you might find it helpful to have a pen and paper on hand so that you can occupy your hands with doodling instead. 

 3. Delay

Even if you are switching to herbal cigarettes, try to put off satisfying your need for tobacco for at least ten more minutes before lighting the organic one. In that case, fill that time with an entertaining activity like dancing, drawing, etc. The next time you need to smoke, try going somewhere that doesn't allow it. You might be able to get over your cigarette addiction with the help of these easy strategies.

4. Munch on it

Give your mouth a distraction and you'll be better able to fight the urge to smoke. Try some sugar-free gum or hard candy. Or, if you're craving something crisp and flavorful, try some raw carrots, almonds, or sunflower seeds. You can also take Variyali Mukhas (mouth freshener) to divert your mind from the triggers.

If you are badly addicted to smoking, switch to nicotine free tobacco or natural cigarettes that contain herbal smoking blends. You can finally put an end to smoking for good and safeguard your health easily.

 5.Resist the urge to consume "only one."

It's tempting to think that a single cigarette will satisfy a craving for tobacco. However, you should not kid yourself into thinking that this is the end of the road. In most cases, acquiring one leads to acquiring multiples of the same item. It's possible that you'll pick up smoking again with no further excuse. Inhaling the pre rolled cones with herbal smoking blends can help to ease your craving. 

6. Put your body to work!

Exercising helps you forget about smoking by diverting your attention to something else. Even brisk walking up and down the stairs can help alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms and reduce the urge to smoke. Get some exercise by going for a jog or a leisurely stroll.

At home or at the office, you can get a good workout by performing activities such as squatting, deep knee bending, push-ups, running in place, and stair climbing. You always have the option to pray, embroider, work with wood, or keep a journal if you do not wish to engage in physical activity. You can also keep yourself occupied by cleaning the house or organizing your paperwork. Both of these things will keep you busy.

7. Learn to control your anxiety

It's possible that smoking helped relieve some of the stress that you were experiencing in your life. Trying to fight off an urge to smoke can put a strain on your mental health. You can relax and unwind by practicing deep breathing techniques, doing some yoga or meditation, visualizing a positive outcome, giving yourself a massage, or listening to relaxing music.

8. Repeat Your Attempts

Many people need several tries at rehabilitation before they succeed in kicking their habit for good. You shouldn't be hard on yourself if smoking is a habit you developed as a way to deal with stress. Investigate the emotions and external factors that may have triggered your relapse. Allow this to serve as inspiration for you to finally kick your smoking habit. While switching to an herbal cigarette, resist the urge to smoke for at least a half an hour. 

It is possible that you won’t be truly satisfied with the organic cigarettes, but with 3-4 attempts you will surely find a fruitful result. 

9. Go Inspiring and Get Inspired.

Take part in a nicotine replacement therapy program online. You could also find support from someone who has already overcome their addiction by reading their blog and offering words of wisdom to those who are struggling to do the same. Read about other people's experiences overcoming tobacco dependence for motivation.

Additionally, let everyone know that you are working on quitting smoking and that you are firmly resolving to never smoke again. The good vibes you bring to yourself and those around you will inspire those around you.

10.Recall the positive outcomes.

The best way to combat tobacco cravings is to write down or verbalize the reasons you want to give up smoking. These possible causes include:

  • healing from illness
  • Enhancement of Physical and Mental Well-being
  • Helping those you care about avoid passive smoking
  • Save some money


When trying to kick the habit, keep in mind that any action is preferable to taking none at all. Also, every time you refrain from lighting up the tobacco, you move closer to a future free of tobacco cigarettes. Royal Swag is the largest and most comprehensive online herbal smoking retailer, stocking only the highest quality tobacco less cigarettes and herbal cigarettes. We offer organic smoke with nicotine free cigarettes brands infused with herbal components to aid in internal healing.

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