Let's switch to "Organic" Cigarettes

Let's switch to "Organic" Cigarettes

Inhaling smoke produced by burning cured tobacco leaves or any other herb is commonly referred to as smoking. While smoking cigarettes is bad for your health, smoking herbs is regarded to be good for your general well-being. Smoking natural herbs helps lessen smokers' cravings because many of them don't contain nicotine. 

It is regarded as a helpful strategy for reducing the propensity to smoke and ultimately quitting. These days, herbal cigarettes come in well-liked flavours including menthol, cherry, and vanilla. According to Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Cigarette smoking is a daily habit.

 It is applied both therapeutically and preventively. Many types of herbs have distinct health benefits when smoked.

Some advantages of several often used herbs are recommended for smoking.

tobacco free mctmint

1. Lobelia

    It is frequently referred to as Indian tobacco, and it is highly helpful for quitting smoking because it is very similar to actual nicotine but without addictive qualities. Because they are completely herbal and have no negative side effects, organic cigarettes created from lobelia in betel leaves can be advantageous for smokers.

    2. Peppermint

      The nerves are calmed and blood circulation is improved by peppermint. It is a potent purifying substance that may revive and heal both the body and mind. Peppermint, which is renowned for its curative qualities, helps facilitate easy breathing with smoking herbal cigarettes by cleaning the lungs and respiratory passages.

      3. Extract from gotu kola

        This extract is intended to strengthen the liver, increase blood flow, boost memory, reduce inflammation, and relieve stress. Throughout the beginning of time, smoking herbal cigarettes was very useful to people who used the herb gotu kola to stay healthy.

        4. Hops

        Hops are one of the main components in Western folk medicine since they are a mild sedative that guarantees a relaxing effect. Physical urges can be suppressed with the aid of muscle relaxants and tonics containing hops.

        5. Skullcap

        Insomnia, hysteria, delirium tremens, anxiety, and withdrawal symptoms from tranquillizers are just a few of the illnesses that this powerful medicinal herb has reported to be helpful in treating.

        It is high in vitamins and used as a sedative to support the central nervous system. It balances the neurological system and lessens neurotic apprehension. Moreover, it has been proven to be very successful in treating anxious headaches and restlessness. It is the best herb for organic cigarettes.  

        6. Wild Oat

        Wild oat is a well-known herbal remedy that is frequently used to treat liver and kidney ailments. ailments and joint discomfort. It eases depression and is a natural tonic that both men and women use to increase vigour and vitality. Wild oat, which is well known for their antidepressant properties, is used to lessen stress and anxiety in organic cigarettes. Moreover, it has strong antioxidant properties that slow down the ageing process.

        The Perks Of Herbal Cigarettes

        Herb smoking has been practised for ceremonial, religious, and even medical purposes for thousands of years. By choosing herbal cigarettes instead, which are both environmentally and healthfully friendly, one can avoid all of these. Organic cigarettes have a variety of health advantages, some of which are covered below.

        1. Tobacco Free

           It's simple to find free herbal cigarettes, often known as tobacco free cigarettes. An assortment of consumable goods is used instead of tobacco. The mixture is made up of herbs including maize silk, rose petals, banana skins, and more.  These cigarettes are typically used as an alternative to traditional tobacco products and as a quit-smoking aid.

          2. Nicotine free

            Because they are 100% tobacco and nicotine free and contain a special blend of all-natural herbs, nicotine free herbal cigarettes offer a healthier alternative to typical tobacco cigarettes without the addictive qualities of nicotine. The combination of relaxing herbal mixes is a trustworthy tobacco alternative and a fantastic place to start for anyone trying to give up smoking. When it comes to enhancing your health, herbal cigarettes can be an alternative to cigarettes.

            3. Protective of passive smokers

              More than 4,000 chemical compounds are inhaled when you smoke tobacco. Consider the defence and cleaning effort your respiratory system, as well as your entire body, are required to perform each time you smoke a cigarette. Not only are you impacted, but they are exposed to passive smoking, as well as your loved ones. On the other hand, herbal cigarettes pose no risk to the smoker or those around him.

              Some claim that all forms of smoking are bad, however smoking organic cigarettes in moderation can improve your health. By smoking these herbal cigarettes, one can benefit from the medicinal properties of the herbs. Every herb, herbal smoke, herbal bud, and herbal smoking blend has unique properties and therapeutic benefits, therefore using herbs sparingly can improve health and solve issues.


              1. Do organic cigarettes pose any risks?
              Even though they are advertised as a healthier choice, organic cigarettes do not pose risks. 

              2. Does tobacco appear in organic cigarettes?

              Nope, tobacco is not present in most organic cigarettes. Yet, no artificial fertilisers or pesticides were utilised in the growth of the herbal tobacco used in organic cigarettes.

              3. Do organic cigarettes have fewer negative effects than regular cigarettes?

              Regarding the herbs used in their manufacturing, organic cigarettes are not more dangerous than conventional ones. They don't contain tobacco.

              4. Does the flavour of organic cigarettes differ?

              Because they contain herbal tobacco, organic cigarettes may have a different flavour than conventional cigarettes.

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