7 Benefits of Herbal Cigarettes

7 Benefits of Herbal Cigarettes

Smoking has been a part of our culture for ages. Smoking has been a part of ceremonial occasions for years. So, it goes without saying that the habit of smoking, once touched, is very hard to leave. The harmful effects, especially, that tobacco cigarettes have on us, are the worst. And the even worse part is, that you know it is injurious to your health, but you can’t resist it. Thus invented herbal cigarettes

The Royal Swag herbal cigarettes are made with a blend of various Ayurvedic medicinal herbs that assist you to quit smoking eventually. They are based on the research for Nicotine Replacement Therapy. 

The royal Swag non-nicotine cigarettes are formulated on the basis of a 5000 year old book on the former Indian system of medicine, ‘Charak Samhita’, a book trusted by the whole world of medicine. This must speak for the fact that the Royal Swag herb cigarettes are much safer.

Benefits of Herbal Cigarettes

These pros can be written for herbal cigarettes:

1. Tobacco free & Nicotine free

The herbal cigarettes and herbal bidi are made with natural Ayurvedic substances instead of tobacco. They contain no tobacco, no nicotine and no other addictive substances. So, that it doesn’t harm your health as regular cigarettes do. They can be a perfect alternative to your regular tobacco cigarettes if your goal is to quit tobacco smoking or even quit smoking. 

The ingredients used in herb cigarettes are:

  • Clove,
  • Holy Basil(Tulsi),
  • Cinnamon,
  • Mint(Menthol),
  • Green tea,
  • Mulethi, etc. 

2. Provides immunity

The herbs used in the Royal Swag ayurvedic cigarettes, as mentioned above are purely natural and have ayurvedic medicinal qualities in them. Which not just provides the cigarettes with the taste it has, but also helps you improve your immunity. 

3. Lungs Detox

Herbal cigarettes and ayurvedic bidi do not have harmful substances as tobacco cigarettes have. The herbs in natural cigarettes detox the lungs and also leave you with a cleaner throat. 

4. Revives the body and mind

The herbal substance calms the nerves and rejuvenates the body and mind. The harmless smoke and punching taste actually relax your body with herbs, unlike the tobacco cigarettes. 

5. Best and Safer for Passive Smokers

One tobacco cigarette alone can do so much harm to your body that one can’t possibly imagine. Regular cigarettes are too much for our respiratory system to handle and protect our bodies. Besides, tobacco cigarettes do not just harm you, it also harms the ones around you when exposed to the smoke. Herbal cigarettes are much safer for passive smokers and also for people around them. 

6. Helps you quit smoking

Herbal cigarettes are clearly an alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes are just much safer than tobacco cigarettes, as they do not have any tobacco or nicotine or any other addictive and harmful toxins. They help you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes by giving you an alternative healthy smoke, satisfying your urge to smoke. 

7. Leave no Bad breath

The Royal Swag ayurvedic cigarettes are made of the ingredients mentioned above. They are available in many flavours like mint flavour ayurvedic cigarettes, clove cigarettes, frutta flavoured ayurvedic cigarettes, and more. They have a natural juicy flavour, which provides a neutral and delicate taste that gives you a perfect smoking experience. They have a pleasant and durable smell of the smoke unlike the regular cigarettes and leave you with no bad breath. 

One might say that smoking of every kind is unhealthy. But the Royal Swag ayurvedic cigarettes are made with the formulation based on the concept of ‘Charak Samhita’ - a 5000 years old book on a former Indian system of medicine. This stands for the fact that these herbal cigarettes are not made for people to get addicted to, for they can help you quit. 


1. How do herbal cigarettes work? 

Ans. Herbal cigarettes are tobacco-free and produced from herbs, plants, and flowers. They are frequently promoted as a healthier option to conventional cigarettes. 

2. What advantages do smoking herbal cigarettes offer? 

Ans.  Smoking herbal cigarettes is said to provide a number of health advantages, such as less exposure to the dangerous chemicals contained in tobacco cigarettes, a lower risk of addiction, and a lower risk of developing lung cancer and other smoking-related diseases. 

3. Are smoking herbal cigarettes safe? 

Ans. While being promoted as a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes, herbal cigarettes still release dangerous gases like carbon monoxide and tar when they are burned. Smoke in any form can irritate the lungs and lead to respiratory issues. 

4. Will smoke herbal cigarettes aid in quitting? 

Ans. Yes, it’s a complete substitute for regular cigarettes. 

5. Do smoking herbal cigarettes have any negative effects? 

Ans. No there are no Negative effects. They are completely safe

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