Are Herbal Cigarettes Safer than Regular Cigarettes?

Are Herbal Cigarettes Safer than Regular Cigarettes?

The herbal cigarettes are the alternatives of regular nicotine cigarettes. The natural cigarettes are made with a blend of ayurvedic substances that helps you quit and tend to contain no tobacco and no nicotine which makes them safer than the regular tobacco cigarettes. 

Quit Smoking with Herbal Cigarettes

Tradition of smoking has been in existence since ages now, and it is obviously hard to quit something that one has been doing for a long time. And especially quitting something as addictive as cigarettes ought to be the hardest. 

The movies and shows that showcase the leads smoking made the process seem cooler than it actually is. So, the social dilemma also becomes a hard part of the process of quitting cigarettes, even with the best nicotine free cigarettes. You tend to get in the sink with this habit of smoking in your daily routine, which is why it becomes as hard to quit as any other habit, if not harder. 

The tobacco substances and nicotine leads you to the habit of smoking consistently everyday. And since organic cigarettes do not contain them both, they are perfect to help you quit tobacco. 

How can Herbal cigarettes help you quit?

The herbal cigarettes, especially the herbal cigarettes of RoyalSwag are made with a blend of various ayurvedic medicinal herbs that assist you to quit smoking. They are based on the research for Nicotine Replacement therapy, so not only are they safer but also steps you up for quitting, if that is your goal, if not healthy smoking. 

Royal Swag non nicotine cigarettes, herbal cigars and other herbal products are formulated on the basis of ‘Charak Samhita’ - a 5000 year old book on the former Indian system of medicine. Which is trusted by the whole wide world.

Which must approve the fact that the Royal Swag herbal cigarettes are safer than the regular tobacco cigarettes. 

What are Herbal Cigarettes Made of? 

The royal swag herbal cigarettes are the perfect blend of Ayurvedic medicines that replaces your regular cigarettes with healthy smoking. 

The ingredients used in the herb cigarettes are:

  • Clove,
  • Holy Basil(Tulsi),
  • Cinnamon,
  • Mint(Menthol),
  • Green tea,
  • Mulethi, etc. 

The herbal cigarette contains absolutely no tobacco and no nicotine and no other addictive substances.

Do Herbal Cigarettes Taste The Same as Regular Cigarettes?  

The Royal Swag herbal Cigarettes have a natural juicy flavour with a neutral delicate taste that provides you a perfect smoking experience. They have a pleasant and durable smell of the smoke that leaves you with no breath. 

They are available in regular, min, clove, frutta and mixed flavoured cigarettes. The mint, frutta and clove cigarettes are probably the first pungent herbal formulation blend in the best herbal cigarettes

To conclude 

The natural cigarettes from Royal Swag contain ayurvedic medicinal herbs and have no tobacco, no nicotine and no other addictive substances, thus the herbal cigarettes are safer than the regular cigarettes. 

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