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Combo Pack of Tar Out Lung Detox Tea 100g(3.52 oz), 60 Tablets and Syrup(200 ml)

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  • Ayurvedic Tar Out Lung Detox Collection/Combo pack of 03 Contains: 1 Pack of Tar Out Lung Detox Tea 100g/3.52 oz(Loose Leaf Tea), 1 Piece of Ayurveda Tar Out Syrup Lung Detox Sugar-free (200 ML) and 1 Pack of Tar Our Lung Cleanse and Detox Tablet(60 Tablets).
  • Crafted with a focus on addressing the impact of air pollution as well, this specialized formula targets pollutants commonly inhaled from environmental factors, aiding in the clearance of particulate matter and toxins. Specifically designed to enhance respiratory support, this combo pack helps in clearing tar build-up, promoting better breathing and overall lung health.
  • Its carefully curated blend of natural ingredients ensures an optimal detoxification process, targeting deep-seated toxins for a comprehensive lung cleanse. Take a proactive step towards healthier lungs amidst smoke and pollution with our lung detox syrup.
  • How to Use Ayurvedic Syrup? Take 10 ml Twice a day after a meal for the best result.
  • How to Use Detox Tablets? Simply take1 Tablet daily with water preferably after a meal.
  • How to Use Lung Detox Detox Tea? Boil 1/2 glass of Water(100 ml) and add 1-2 Spoon of Lung Detox Tea and stir for 2 minutes, Filtered it; add some jaggery or honey as per your choice, filter and drink.


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