The wonders of smoking herbs 

The wonders of smoking herbs 

Regularly inhaling a lot of smoke puts a strain on the lungs and releases a lot of the chemical into the circulation. An imbalance in the body will result if the drug is not particularly beneficial. Smoking excessively and mindlessly will cause the body to become unbalanced as will eating ice cream, or staring at a screen, questioning human existence, etc. 

People are either excited or perplexed when we  tell them that we  produce herbal smoking mixtures. People who are thrilled are typically smokers of some kind who are eager to try something new; people who are bewildered are worried that smoking is incompatible with holistic wellness. I would never encourage someone to smoke if they weren't comfortable doing so, but I also wouldn't agree that smoking is inherently harmful to your health.


Varieties of herbs:

Herbal blend smoking might develop into a pleasant pastime. It's good to do it with friends or family after dinner. Some combinations could be more tasty, soothing, or motivating. To help the atmosphere, pick the proper combination. Always be careful and show respect for the plants.

Indigo Cornflower

This flower's vivid petals are frequently used to make a calming smokable herb blend , a multipurpose medicinal tea, and natural food coloring. Herbalists love this one because it's more difficult to find but makes a delightful, calming addition to any homemade combination.

The Blue Lotus

Ancient cultures long ago identified the somewhat sedative properties of this blue water lily, also known as Egyptian Lotus, and used it in rituals and as a lucid dreaming aid. To feel strong psychedelic effects, you would need to smoke considerably more of this plant than is generally added to smoking blends, but it's a terrific addition for more meditative or spiritual smoking sessions.

The Blue Vervain

This beautiful wildflower, used as a herb in traditional Chinese medicine, can calm the mind, lessen stress, and improve mood when smoked. It has been demonstrated to benefit people who are struggling with depression.


Mullein can be seen thriving alongside roads and train tracks. This plant is far more than just a typical weed. One of the gentlest, most calming smokable herb blend  herbs on the planet is mullein. Lung medication made from mullein leaf has been around for a while. Mullein was utilized by some Native Americans to promote lung tissue growth. Mullein is a soft yet potent smoke.


Raspberry Leaf in Red

According to historical accounts, the earliest inspiration for cigarettes came from Native American women's ceremonial smoking of herbal cigarettes wrapped in red raspberry leaves. Flavonoids, vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus are all abundant in raspberry leaves. Using raspberry leaf results in a powerful, rich smoke that making it the ideal alternative to tobacco.


The source of menthol is this plant. The nerves are calmed and blood circulation is improved by peppermint. It is a potent purifying substance that may revive and heal both the body and mind. Peppermint, which is renowned for its restorative abilities, can help promote simple breathing by cleaning the lungs and respiratory passages. The Peppermint Leaf is a good smoke on its own, being cool with a touch of pungency.


Mugwort is an aromatic plant with a long history of medicinal and spiritual use. It is also referred to as the Dream herb since smoking causes you to remember your dreams. Ganja and tobacco go well with mugwort because it adds a potent Earthy flavor and smooths out the high.


Lobelia, often known as Indian tobacco, is a particularly successful method for breaking the habit of smoking cigarettes because it has qualities that are similar to those of nicotine without being as addictive. Lobelia really connects to the same brain receptors that nicotine does. The use of lobelia-containing cigarettes, whether rolled, piped, or vaporised, can be beneficial to smokers and a perfect smokable herb blend.


Damiana is a prized desert herb from South and Central America that has a delicious flavor. Several prehistoric traditions used it as an aphrodisiac. According to legend, Mayans concocted a beverage using sugar and damiana tea to facilitate romantic encounters. The perfume of the fresh flowers is almost overwhelming. Do you smoke sex flowers? Please, yes!

But I thought smoking was harmful?

Well, consider that you breathe in the smoke from burning leaves. It is unquestionably less secure than drinking water.

Inhaling burning cigarettes, which not only contain tobacco but also hundreds of other chemicals and synthetics, is commonly thought of as smoking. While smoking cigarettes is unquestionably bad for your health, smoking other organic herbs may really improve your health & vigour.

Tips for Smoking Herbs

Fill the pipe with herbs and compact the bottom layer to pack a pipe. The top layer should be left flexible, while the middle layer should be somewhat packed. 

To pack the pipe so that it stays lit, it could take a few attempts. We advise using a match to light the herbs before smoking them. 

Bring the match to the herbs and inhale for a few seconds until the herbs are ignited after lighting the flame and letting the sulphur burn off. 

The smoke can be inhaled into the lungs or held in the mouth.

Herbs are available for your enjoyment and benefit.

Respect, care, and sharing should all be shown for plants. Herbs are a universal property that no one owns.!!!

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