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Tendu Leaf Wraps : More Natural Way of Consuming Herbal Smoking Blend

If you have taken the pledge to quit smoking tobacco and have chosen the herbal smoking blend as an alternative than this blog is for you. Since you are becoming more conscious about your health, let us introduce you to the even healthier way of consuming herbal blends : Tendu Leaf Wraps.

Tendu leaf wraps are the natural consumption method that you can opt for if you want to for healthier options overall. And now read further, if you are wondering what tendu leaf wraps are and how they are a good alternative to the other forms of consumptions?

What is Tendu leaf Wrap?

Tendu leaf wraps are wraps made out of Tendu leaf which comes from tendu trees. Tendu trees are native to India and Sri Lanka. Tendu leaf wraps have been used for centuries. They have been utilised as traditional medicine which aids the digestive tract and helps you calm your nerves. As tendu Leaves are not manufactured, they do not contain additives like other wraps

Unlike palm wraps, the tendu leaf wraps burn smoothly due to the reduction in plant components. They also complement every herbal smoking mix with their perfect earthy flavour.  


Tendu Leaf Wrap : A Greener Alternative

Tendu leaf wraps are a greener alternative. Royal Swag tendu leaf wraps use corn husk tips which reduces harshness and offers smooth and milky smoke. Each wrap can produce 15-20 smokes at a time depending on the density of herbal blend filled in it. They are chemical free and use no glue while in the making. These non-nicotine wraps are eco-friendly and the best alternative to tobacco. They are easy to stash as well. 


tendu leaf wrap

What is the Curing Process and Why Should You Use Cured Leaves?

The curing process of tendu leaves is where you draw the water out of the leaves and leave the preserved version in place. It is simply a process of drying out plant material in order to preserve them. 

The cured tendu leaves have more advantages than the uncured ones. The airing and drying processresults in reducing the chlorophyll content. The uncured tendu leaves can cause disadvantages as well. Mold and Mildew need moisture to thrive. Thus, when tendu leaves are friend and cured, the tendu leaves have a reduced level of risk of mold and mildew. 

To Wrap Up, 

However Tendu leaves are better when cured, Royal swag Tendu Leaf wraps are cured enough to cast out moisture, thus you want to make sure your tendu leaf wrap doesn’t dry out. Thus, you should keep them  in a controlled environment to not let it dry out. 

So, if you are planning to switch to a healthier option for smoking, tendu Leaf Wraps are what you need. Visit Royal Swag online store and explore a range of herbal smoking blends, smoking wraps/ cones, and other smoking accessories like pipe, smoking filters, pre-rolled cones, etc. Visit us and shop now!

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