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Experience The Joy Of Being A Non-Smoker

The idea that quitting smoking will probably make you miserable doesn't seem to be true. Researchers from Brown University discovered that those who were trying to stop smoking were never happier. An article about their study may be found in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

The scientists noted that while quitting smoking is known to be beneficial for our physical health, it is unclear whether doing so makes us happier or depressed. One might learn about smokers who assert that their tobacco products provide them with relief from anxiety and sadness.

Hence we are here with an amazing solution which is called herbal cigarettes. It helps you reduce your urge for tobacco and nicotine and helps you quit smoking easily. 

Positive Self-Power Talk's

Imagine yourself without smoking. Happy. Content. Excited. You can have moments of happiness and uplifted spirits without the aid of a pack of smokes. Nicotine is not necessary to give you a feel-good boost.

You don't have to hurt yourself physically to get rid of anxiety or tension. Yes, you can be a happy person and not smoke.

The idea that giving up smoking makes life miserable is untrue. If you are hesitant to believe us, there is science to support our assertion.

Smokers Are Mastermind Mind Trickers

You must be extremely self-destructive to continue smoking and get enough sleep at night. You're going to have to go through a "terrible, painful, torturous period of penance" if you let those old mental tricks continue, so pick the simple route. Change your perspective and play some brand-new, innovative mind games.

Avoid giving up smoking out of need. Instead, set out on a difficult but rewarding journey to teach yourself how to stop smoking. The second choice is easier and more pleasurable. Not that it won't take some work on your part, but accepting the process rather than fighting it is the best course of action.

Imagine yourself tobacco-free.

The decisions you make, such as the car you drive or the clothes you buy, might be influenced by how you view yourself. It can also hinder your efforts to quit smoking.

It can be challenging to quit smoking and maintain your smokefree status if you maintain your smoker identity (for instance, "I smoke" or "I like to smoke").

Your chances of succeeding in quitting smoking can be increased by thinking of yourself as a non-smoker (for instance: I want to live a better life without cigarettes or Being a non-smoker helps me feel free).

The good news is that you can alter your self-perception. Your mind will be more prepared to try stopping if you start to consider why you smoke and what you stand to gain by quitting or opt for Herbal Cigarette, herbal cigars, Ayurvedic Cigarettes, herbal bidi, ayurvedic bidi, tobacco free Herbal Bidi, nicotine free Herbal Bidi, Organic Herbal Bidi.


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Self-Defining as a Non-Smoker

When you make the decision to stop smoking, it's important to identify yourself as a non-smoker and forge a new identity that fits the lifestyle you choose. 

This will be useful in trying times and will help you keep in mind the reasons you decided to give up. 

Above all, it will assist you in realising that, prior to quitting, you were much more than just a smoker. 

Since you stopped smoking, and started with herbal cigarettes you have become stronger and more liberated. 

You are stronger because you were able to overcome your addiction, and you are free since cigarettes no longer have authority over you.

You can stop smoking by creating a new identity for yourself as a non-smoker. 

Making use of Herbal Cigarette, herbal cigars, Ayurvedic Cigarettes, herbal bidi, ayurvedic bidi, tobacco free Herbal Bidi, nicotine free Herbal Bidi, Organic Herbal Bidi will help your reduce the urge of smoking. 

Ask for a new identity to develop  yourself why you smoke, and look for strategies to squelch your need for cigarettes. 

This might be accomplished by changing that interest to another activity, like sports. 

You need to stop worrying about cigarettes since they are now a part of your previous lifestyle and you need to relearn how to live without them by using herbal cigarettes

To avoid being exposed to passive smoking and behaviours that were formerly a part of your habits, avoid being around smokers when they are smoking.

Final Verdict

You don't have much time left to try out new things. You should be aware that a smoker who smoked an average of a pack of 20 cigarettes per day gained 488 hours, or roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes, per day, a year after stopping. So much time to spend enjoying new things like Herbal Cigarettes, herbal cigars, Ayurvedic Cigarettes, herbal bidi, ayurvedic bidi, tobacco free Herbal Bidi, nicotine free Herbal Bidi, Organic Herbal Bidi!

There is therefore a chance to retrain oneself to live without cigarettes. You now have all the tools needed to succeed and begin your new life without cigarettes.

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