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Making your smoking time much better.

Our carefully picked line of high-end smoking accessories is produced with artisanal attention to detail, premium materials, and superb craftsmanship. Each item is made by hand in India  and adds a special, upscale flair to a space or a conversation.

We assure you that these are not the pipes from your college days. Our assortment of smoking accessories will improve your enjoyment of the product while wowing friends and visitors. Live in the opulence you provide.

The practise of smoking cigars, pipes, and other tobacco products has been around for millennia and is still very popular today.using some herbal products like clove cigarettes,Herbal Cigarette,organic cigarettes,natural cigarettes,herb cigarettes,herbal bidi,ayurvedic bidi,tobacco free Herbal Bidi,tobacco and nicotine free Herbal Bidi. Having the appropriate accessories might enhance the enjoyment of smoking for those who do so. Having the proper smoking accessories can make all the difference, regardless of how experienced you are. Here are the top high-end smoking accessories available right now.


smoking pipe, best smoking pipes, fancy tobacco pipes


 Slide lighter the electric slide

Looking for a more environmentally friendly lighter than what you use every day? Look nowhere else. This Tetra lighter is fully electric, has an environmentally friendly design, and comes with a mini-USB charger. The heated inner coil is simply activated with a slide to neatly and covertly light up a joint. No fuel is required.

It's a fantastic gift for rolling up at home or throwing in your purse so you may be ready to smoke organic cigarettes in style on any adventure. It's sleek, fashionable, and environmentally friendly.

Royal swag brings tetra which is for you if you have a zero-tolerance policy for plastic waste. You only need one lighter because it is reusable.

The ideal pipe dream

Get a taste of the forbidden fruit with this amazing Summerland pipe. This Apple Pipe is sly and clever, speaking to the most alluring dream indulgence. The smooth smoke is the little-known secret of the glossy, lustrous handpipe. This Apple Pipe represents a revolution in ceramic creation. Each piece is distinctive and has the benefits of herbal bidi

An updated pipe, a pleasing product, a minimalist design. For your home, this stylish ceramic centerpiece is perfect. Summerland pipes are expertly glazed with premium, food-safe lacquer and are made of ceramic stoneware for the contemporary smoker.


More and more upscale marijuana accessory manufacturers are producing chic pipe and ashtray sets that may be utilized as interior decoration.

With this handcrafted Cloud 9 pipe and ashtray set, any coffee table will look more attractive.

This two-piece ceramic set comes with a dome-shaped pipe that nestles inside a matching ribbed ashtray. It is available in lime green and iridescent also has a unique touch of herbal cigarettes.  On Cloud 9, every detail radiates sophistication, even to the colour schemes.

Edie parker cherry pie 

Do you not like rolling paper? Edie Parker creates marijuana accessories that serve as pieces of art for antique equipment that is pleasing to the sight and is a natural cigarette.

These glass pipes elevate smoking accessories to a whole new level. There are many other fruits to pick from, but I really adore this adorable cherry glass pipe.

OG Otto grinder 

The OG Otto cone roller will consistently provide the flawlessly rolled clove cigarettes you crave while saving you money on the more expensive pre-rolled version.

The unique AI milling technology used by The Otto evaluates your clove cigarette and automatically modifies the pressure, speed, and direction of its precision blades to produce the ideal grind every time. For the ideal roll-up, the grinds are next dropped into a cone loader.

Herb Grinder 

An herb grinder is useful to keep on hand for cooking, but it's also useful for grinding  herbal cigarettes into a thin powder that's ready for consumption.

BullDog smell proof bag

Everything you need for a hassle-free session is provided by Bluebus' odor-proof lockable bag. For completely odor-proof storage while travelling, it includes two sealed jars, a 2.5" aluminium crusher, and other accessories. In order to keep your valuables safe and discrete, Bulldog features an easy-to-use combination lock. This prevents illegal access to your personal supplies when you aren't around.

To quickly pack and get outside, you can arrange your gear easily in the Bulldog, much like you would in your stash box. It has a pocket with a zipper and accessory-specific pockets.

The waterproof EVA material used in the odor-proof storage container traps all aromas inside, keeping your goods fresh and delectable. The case keeps moisture out to maintain the freshness of your supplies.

Last word: 

Finding high-quality, fashionable, and practical products is crucial while looking for the best luxury smoking accessories. The correct accessories, including lighters and ashtrays, can significantly improve your smoking experience with clove cigarettes,Herbal Cigarette,organic cigarettes,natural cigarettes,herb cigarettes,herbal bidi,ayurvedic bidi,tobacco free Herbal Bidi,tobacco and nicotine free Herbal Bidi. If you have the appropriate accessories, you may smoke with style and ease.

The odor-proof lockable bag from Bull dog includes everything you need for a hassle-free session. It comes with two sealed jars, a 2.5" aluminum crusher, and other accessories for entirely odor-proof storage while travelling.

Bulldog has a simple combination lock that will keep your things secure and covert. This stops unauthorized access to your personal materials while you are away.

You may set up your stuff in the Bulldog just like you would in your stash box to swiftly pack and head outside. It contains pockets for particular accessories as well as a pocket with a zipper.

Take your smoking session to the next level.


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