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Is Smoking Harmful for Your Brain?

Apart from heart disease, lung disease, stroke and cancer, smoking can also harm your brain. Yes, the nicotine in your cigarettes is harmful for your brain as well. According to a scientific study, brains of people with high levels of nicotine in their bloodstreams can function poorly. Read further to know more about how the brain is affected by passive nicotine intake.


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How is Nicotine Harmful to Your Brain?

Nicotine is harmful for your health and most of us are aware about that. But it is recently discovered that it is also harmful for your brain:

1. Addiction

Nicotine is the addictive component of cigarettes which is delivered to your brain while you smoke. Nicotine stimulates dopamine, a pleasure chemical. The brain experiences a change of mood and crave for dopamine, which reinforces you to smoke. This way nicotine tailors your brain towards becoming dependent on nicotine. 

Continued nicotine exposure makes you addicted. It forces you to light a cigarette at earliest. This condition is also called nicotine withdrawal. Cravings, Headache and dizziness, Constipation, Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, Irritability, Mental fog, Cough, and Increased appetite are a few symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

2. Increased Risk of Stroke

Smoking significantly increases the risk of having a stroke. This danger is proportional to the amount of smoking.

3. Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline is the primary clinical manifestation of Alzheimer's disease. It usually happens in old age. It is a condition where people become forgetful and/or are unable to think as quickly as they did before. Smokers can experience this condition faster than the nonsmokers. 

Symptoms of Cognitive Decline:

  • Loss of motivation
  • Anxiety
  • Delusions
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Changes in personality
  • Confusion about visual-spatial tasks

4. Brain Aging 

Tobacco use destroys grey matter. Long-term smoking compromises the structural strength of subcortical brain regions. It causes rapid natural thinning of the cortex with age, impairing thinking, memory, and learning.

5. Higher Risk of Cancer

A cigarette contains nearly 60 cancer-causing components. With passive smoking for a long time, those components alter genetic makeup and increase the chances of developing cancer.


How to Reduce the Negative Effect of Nicotine on the Brain?

The only way to quickly reduce the negative effects of nicotine on the brain is to quit smoking. But of course that is a challenging thing to do for most smokers. However, you don’t have to jump right into quitting, as that is a difficult thing to do. So, you can simply take baby steps towards quitting. For example, switching your regular tobacco cigarettes to herbal cigarettes. 

Herbal Cigarettes are the easiest way to recover from nicotine addiction and you can count them as one of your steps to recover from nicotine addiction.  

Nicotine is the key component of regular cigarettes that affects negatively on your brain. So, the only way to reduce this is to cut down the Nicotine intake. It does mean you have to stop smoking. You can simply switch from your regular tobacco cigarettes to herbal cigarettes. 

Royal Swag herbal cigarettes can help you reduce the harmful effects of smoking. They contain no tobacco, no nicotine and no other addictive substances.

Royal Swag herbal cigarettes are made with ayurvedic medicinal herbs based on Nicotine Replacement Therapy. They are available in frutta, mint and clove flavors. They have a natural juicy taste, which offers a neutral taste that gives you a perfect smoking experience. They also have a pleasant and durable smell of the smoke which leaves you with no bad breath, unlike tobacco cigarettes. 

Royal Swag Herbal Cigarettes are the easiest and nearest alternative to your harmful habit of tobacco cigarettes. These herbal cigarettes can not only help you reduce the harmful effects of nicotine on your brain, but also can help you quit smoking!


To Wrap Up

The best way to reduce the harmful effect of nicotine on your brain is to quit smoking. But that is a challenging thing to do and most smokers will fail at doing that. Thus, it will be wise to take small steps towards recovery. And one of the easiest steps will be to quit tobacco cigarettes instead of quitting cigarettes completely. 

Royal Swag Herbal Cigarettes can perfectly help you with your step towards recovery. It can provide the perfect smoking experience while containing no harmful substances in them.

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